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Rumah Makan Minang

Halal Indonesian restaurant specializing in reasonably priced Minangkabau cuisine, namely Nasi Padang and Beef Rendang. Uncompromised flavor and quality. We also provide Halal catering for private and corporate functions.


  • Daniel Food Diary: Nasi Padang Eatery With Tasty Beef Rendang At Bugis And Tampines
    “Regulars love its delish food at a pricing considered reasonable for its popularity and quality”

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    Daniel Food Diary
  • Miss Tam Chiak: Halal Indonesian Restaurant Serving Great Nasi Padang

    I have been here quite a few times and it’s one of my favourite spots when I bring tourists on a Chiak Local food tour

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    Miss Tam Chiak
  • Seth Lui: Beef Rendang & More Than 20 Dishes At This Nasi Padang Stall Near Arab Street

    I had an enjoyable time at Rumah Makan Minang as the dishes hit right at home — heartwarming, simple and satisfying

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    Seth Lui
  • Rumah Makan Minang: Of Padang and Minangkabau Cuisine
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    Ieatishootipost – Dr Leslie Tay
  • SoShiok food review: Nasi padang dishes at Rumah Makan Minang
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